Watch Full Length Bollywood Movies Free Online

Yahoo! India in association with leading movie production houses, has launched MoviePlex – a free portal that lets you watch full length Bollywood movies for free.

Yahoo! India says, it plans to bring thousands of local “Bollywood” movies’ online to users for a piracy-free, quality entertainment experience.

As of this writing, 8 Hindi movies are listed on the MoviePlex website that you can watch online for free. And according to Yahoo! India, many more are in the offing.

Users can watch movies full screen, and share the stream’s link with their friends on Social Networks, Facebook and Twitter.

India tops the countries where a large percentage of people use pirated software and entertainment products like movies and music. And innovative ideas such as the MoviePlex are expected to lower the piracy rates of movies in the country. At the same time, it will help generate revenue through advertising.

It is to be noted that Yahoo! India is not the only player that is offering Indian Bollywood movies online for free. Some time back, Google had unveiled YouTube BoxOffice which also provide popular full length Bollywood movies for free to its viewers.

In all respects, Indians who can afford a high speed Internet connection are in for a movie mania treat – namely free viewing of popular Bollywood movies.