Useful bicycle related help sites

The first time I decided to pursue cycling as a mode of transport, I searched the web for good resources in bicycle riding. But to my surprise, I was not able to get any relevant sites. So after many hours of search, I have collected a couple of resources which provide help to aspiring bicycle riders and professionals alike.

Bicycle Help Sites – This site teaches important lessons on bicycle safety.

Bicycle Tips – After reading over 101 tips on this site, you can call yourself a bicycle guru.

Sheldon Brown’s Bicycle Technical Info – This is a must visit site for any serious cycling enthusiast. It contains 100s of tips, advices and howtos on each and every aspect of a bicycle.

Bicycle Tutor – A site maintained by Alex Ramon, a self confessed bicycle geek. It contain loads of video tutorials and guides on bicycle repair and maintenance. This site help people learn how to fix their own bikes. Like the Sheldon Brown’s website above, this site is also a must visit for any bicycle rider.

Why Cycle – This site claims to provide impartial advice to potential and new cyclists in the UK.  But the content on this site is useful for any bicycle rider. A lot of articles in one place, and a forum to boot where you can ask your queries on your bicycle related problems and get answers.

London Cycling Campaign – The largest urban cycling organization in the world is a charitable organization whose vision is to make London a world-class cycling city. It’s advice section contain a large collection of tips for bicycle riders. Most of the information in these pages is produced by LCC as a series of booklets, and can be downloaded as PDFs.

Park Tools Repair section – This site is full of articles which explain how to repair different parts of a bicycle. A very illustrated set of tutorials.

Bicycle Universe – This is a site maintained by a cycling enthusiast. It contains tips, advice and information on all things related to a bicycle. Special sections are provided for bicycle safety, laws favouring bicycles and of course a list of unusual bicycles.

Performance Bikes – YouTube video channel which provides very instructive videos on how to maintain your bicycle and the correct gear to choose while riding a bicycle.

Informative How To Articles – This article gives a broad idea about all aspects of cycling including history, types of cycles, trends and so on. A very informative read indeed.

How to Fit a Bicycle – A very good in-depth article which discusses the different facets of fitting a bicycle to suit individual needs. A must read for anyone who is looking to buy a bicycle.

A-B-Cs of Bike Fitting – This is a visual guide to the nitty-gritty details of getting a correct fit for your bicycle.

How to adjust your bike seat – WikiHow has a very nice write up on the correct height to use while fixing a saddle.

Cycling Tips – These tips are a must read for all bicycle enthusiasts.

Cycling Cadence and Bicycle Gearing – An in depth article on the art of choosing the correct gears for your bicycle. It answers questions like – Why are few cyclists interested in bicycle gearing? Why is having the correct gears important? Why is getting the correct gearing for your bicycle difficult? Why do bicycle tourers especially need lower gears? What is gearing and why is it necessary? How can gears be computed? What is the meaning of: gear, gear inches, gear ratios, and development? What is cycling cadence? Why is a high cadence favored by experienced riders? What is wrong with low cadence on the hills? What low gear should your bicycle have? Why is strength an important factor in low gear choice? Why is a fitness run necessary to calculate your lowest gear? – and many more.

Bicycling Street Smarts – This compact (46 page booklet) tutorial will increase your safety and confidence while bicycling on any road, whether you are a beginner or an expert. You’ll have more fun and feel better about riding, be it for pleasure, fitness or transportation.

Learn how to start and stop a bicycle the correct way – By Sheldon Brown.

Hub Pages – How to fix a bike tyre puncture explained step by step. – Has a nice write up on tips for better pedaling technique.

Bicycle fitness Calculator – Competitive Cyclist has a very useful bicycle fitness calculator which will help in finding your correct fit.

Bicycle Blogs

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Bicycle Magazines

Momentum – The magazine for self propelled people. This magazine reflects the lives of people who ride bikes. It provides urban cyclists with the inspiration, information and resources to fully enjoy their riding experience and connect with local and global cycling communities. Back issues are made available in a PDF format for free download.

The Ride Journal – Is a journal of personal ride stories. Bikes have changed people’s lives in so many ways and ride journal gathers a small selection of these tales.

Urban Velo – This is a cool magazine that covers all things city cycling – and is sure to get even more people pedaling around instead of driving. This magazine is published 6 times a year and contain helpful information, cycling culture, news, videos, product reviews, maintenance and repair tips, riding techniques, and more. It is a free magazine and can be downloaded as a PDF file.

Bicycle Tours , Group Rides & Races

Art of Bicycle Trips – organizes bicycle safaris which are a simple and unique way to intimately experience the real India on a bicycle. They are based in Bangalore but conduct bicycle safaris in other states like Kerala as well.

FirestormMTB – A mountain biking race that will test your skills, endurance & mental strength.

World Naked Bike Ride – This is a mass bike-riding event in which participants are mostly nude. Nakedness serves to draw attention to the vulnerability of cyclists within a car culture and to celebrate the human form. It has taken place annually in cities all over the world since 2004 and is the world’s largest naked protest! (Caution : Lots of nudity).

The Tour of Nilgiris – This is a 1000 km, 10-day non-competitive bicycling tour that passes through the Nilgiri Mountains in the South Indian states of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The event has the twin objectives of promoting bicycling as an activity and spreading awareness about the bio-diversity, flora and fauna of the Nilgiris. – A club formed by Cycle enthusiasts in and around Delhi who go for group rides during weekends.

Bicycle Forums – This is a very active bicycle forum where you can ask for bicycle related questions and share your experiences. India specific forum though a lot of discussion goes on about foreign bicycles. – One of the foremost and most active bicycle forum on the net. Has 10s and 1000s of posts in each of the multiple sections. Truly a storehouse of bicycle essence. – Indian Cyclists Network. Here you can post your queries and seek answers to your cycling problems. Also there is a great discussion going on about all things related to cycling and more. – A popular bicycle forum for cycling enthusiasts and professionals the world over, where you can discuss about bicycles and post queries about anything related to bicycling under the sun. – A forum for bicycle enthusiasts to discuss their experiences related to bicycles and find answers to their queries.

Cycling Trivia

Amsterdam Bicycles – 82 pictures of bicycles taken during 73 minutes on 9/12/06 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Cool Bicycle Pictures – This page is a compilation of over 240 pictures related to bicycles – which includes bicycle posters, unique photos and magazine covers.

PedalMafia – Design your own bike by dragging and dropping bicycle parts on the design board.  A really nice way of expressing your artistic skills.

Weird Bike Stuff – This site contains a good collection of bicycles which don’t conform to the norm.  There are photos of bicycles of various hues and designs.

Shops in India selling foreign bicycles

Bums on the Saddle – This is a high end bicycle shop in Bangalore which sell Trek and Firefox bicycles. The price of the bicycles range from Rs 10,000 all the way above Rs 40,000. That is right, some of the bicycles this shop sells cost  as much as a motorbike.  Worth a visit if you are really serious about riding a bicycle. They sell both road bikes, mountain bikes and all terrain bikes.

Firefox bikes – This is a high end UK based bicycle manufacturing company (Not owned by Mozilla which develops a  very popular web browser by the same name), which has made forays into India and sells its over 30 bicycle models through its exclusive Firefox bike stations  situated in various cities across the country. While the entry level models cost around Rs 5000, the price goes as high as over a lakh of Indian Rupees for the technologically advanced models. The bikes are currently imported from abroad.

Track & Trail – A shop selling high end bicycles like Bianchi and Cannondale – the world’s best known brands of mountain, road and hybrid bikes, accessories for every cycling need and a set of like minded cyclists. Track and Trail is brought to you by TI cycles, a name synonymous with bicycling in the country, thanks to brands like BSA and Hercules.

Wheel sports – They sell and support high-end bicycles like Merida, UMF, CSK, CKT, Wheeler, Haro, etc. Based in Bangalore, India, Wheel Sports import highly regarded bicycles, frames, and components from leading manufacturers.

Merida India – This is the Indian subsidiary of Merida bikes. They sell Merida bicycles all over India though they have dealers in only 5 major cities namely Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, New Delhi and Pondicherry.

Rider Owned Bikes – An imported bicycle showroom in Pune City. Stocks over 14 imported branded bikes and a mixture of top end accessories ready for sale to the riders in Pune.

The Bike Affair –  This is a bicycle shop based in Hyderabad who are dealers of Cannondale, Merida, Bianchi, Schwinn, and BTwin bikes. They cater to the mid and high end cycling segment. Apart from selling foreign bicycles, this shop also stocks a wide range of cycling accessories and apparels like tools, shorts, gloves, helmets, pumps, mud guards, bar ends, seat post bags and many more from BTwin, Sigma Sports and other international brands.

LifeCycle –  This is a Pune based shop which claims to be India’s largest standalone cycle mall sporting over 6000 sq ft floor space. This shop exclusively sells imported foreign bicycles from Cannondale, BTwin, Merida, Trek, Bianchi and so on. This shop also sell all cycling accessories too. You can take test rides on the bicycles before you commit to buy which is another unique feature of this shop.

Bicycle Manufacturers in India

Hero Cycles Ltd – They are the world’s largest manufacturers of two wheelers in the world having a market share of 48%.  Hero cycles ltd manufactures a wide range of bicycles catering to a broad section of populace. They have over time diversified into motorbikes but cycles continue to be a significant part of their revenue.

TI Cycles of India – It is one of the leading bicycle manufacturers in India. A part of USD$2 billion Murugappa group, the company was started in 1949, and since then has been at the forefront of innovations and is a pioneer in the market of cycles. TI cycles are the makers of country’s famous brands like Hercules and BSA.

Avon Cycles – This is a Ludhiana Punjab based company which manufactures cycles of all shapes and sizes. I own an Avon bicycle (an Indian roadster) which has given me hours of trouble free cycling enjoyment. Read the review of my Avon cycle.

LA-Sovereign – This is a joint venture between Thailand & India based companies to market Bicycle & Kids Toys of very High Quality & world class designs to the Indian consumer. One of their high-end geared bicycle namely LA Sovereign Navigator (costing around INR 9765) has received good reviews from bicycle enthusiasts.

Fomas Cycle – Longshine Global Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian private limited company that has created ‘FOMAS’ brand. The company sells bicycles under the brand name ‘FOMAS’.

Rent a Bicycle in India

Athi’s Bicycle Club –  A bicycle rental network in Kerala. The enterprise offers a simple, economical, eco-friendly and healthy solution to commuters by offering an integrated bicycle lending network with cycle racks at prominent junctions that makes travel hassle free. At a rent of Rs 2 / hour, this is doubtless the cheapest means of transport available. – FreeMo (Freedom to Move) is a bicycle rental network in Mumbai which aims to provide rental bicycles to anyone for short journeys in and around Mumbai. The advantage of this system is that at the end of your journey, you can return the cycle to any FreeMo depot of your choice – not necessarily the one from which you rented the bicycle.

Bicycle Insurance in India

The New India Assurance provides an insurance policy for your bicycle which insures it against loss or damage to pedal cycle and liability to third party.

Bicycle Equipments


Batteryless bicycle flashing lights – These are powered by magnets and operates as a non-friction bicycle dynamo. A  novelty albeit very useful bicycle product from United Kingdom. You can buy this via PayPal or using a credit card, and they ship it around the world.

No friction and no batteries
No friction and needs no batteries

Reelight lights – These are daylight running lights for bicycles. With Reelight, you always have lights on your bike – day and night! The permanently fitted magnet lights flash when the wheels rotate and therefore work without any batteries.


Specialized -These are ergonomic saddles which are designed by experts to alleviate pain and numbness at the nether regions.

Specialized saddles
Specialized saddles

Brooks England – Brooks are leaders in bicycle saddle manufacture with over 100 years of experience. Their specialty are the leather saddles which can be fitted on any Indian bicycle. They are costly but worth every penny you spend.

Brooks are the leaders in bicycle saddle manufacture.