Trek District – A bike with revolutionary belt drive system

Trek bicycle corporation is United States largest bicycle manufacturer. It is known for its association with Lance Amstrong – the seven times winner of Tour de France. But Trek bicycles are also considered by many the world over, to be top notch in quality and design.

Recently Trek rolled out a bike named Trek District which sports a revolutionary technology. In this bike model, Trek has done away with the traditional chain-driven drivetrain and instead use a new belt drive system. The belt called Gates Carbon Belt Drive is made of incredibly strong carbon fiber composite material that will never stretch or rust.

Trek District Bicycle
Trek District Bicycle

Trek District Bicycle

By using a belt made of carbon fiber composite, Trek has  negated the problems faced by the traditional chain-driven drivetrain namely the noise, weight, dirt and rust.

Carbon fibre belt drive

How much does Trek District cost ?

It costs $929.99 USD, excluding freight, import duties or taxes if any. I know what you are thinking … In India, you can get a decent motorbike for this price. But considering the design of the bike and the technology that has gone into it, you are assured of owning a top class bike which you can use to commute to work each day with pride.

Trek District has been released under Trek’s Urban Series of bikes. Urban Series consists of bikes which Trek claims are designed to be ridden around the city such as for commuting, going to school or just around the block.

Trek District has a 55 teeth crank and a 22 teeth cassette. The frame is made of Aluminium but the fork is carbon. It is a single speed bike. The seat and handlebar are wrapped in leather. But the highlight of this bike is of course its Carbon fibre belt drive system.

Visit Trek website to know more about this modern velocipede marvel. In fact, all the fabulous bikes displayed at the Trek site has made me fall in love with Trek bicycles.