Tokyo Sky Tree – World’s Tallest Broadcast Tower

World’s tallest broadcast tower called Tokyo Sky Tree is nearing completion¬† in Japan. This tower which is being build on reclaimed land in Tokyo is considered to be earthquake resistant. Experts say this broadcast tower can withstand earthquakes of magnitude 8.0 on the Richer scale. The Tokyo Sky Tree is scheduled to be inaugurated in May 2012.

A few years back, Dubai built the world’s largest skyscraper named Burj Khalifa. Tokyo Sky Tree at 634 meters (2080 feet) is not as large as the Burj Khalifa (829 meters). But Tokyo Sky Tree tops the list of the tallest free standing towers.

A few facts about Tokyo Sky Tree

The following are some interesting facts on the world’s tallest broadcast tower – the Tokyo Sky Tree.

  • Sky Tree will be able to withstand even the strongest of earthquakes.
  • A special observation deck at 450 meters (1476 feet) will have an air corridor that snakes around its exterior.
  • You can view the stunning panorama of Tokyo spreading out in all directions.
  • It is 34 meters taller than the Canton Tower in Guangzhou, China.

Below, watch the time lapse video of the Tokyo Tower being built.

[Source : CNet News]