Read It Later – Save web pages to read later

When ever I see a news article, I get the urge to bookmark it for reading later. Mostly, the articles are read only once, never to be visited again. So instead of cluttering my bookmarks with these articles, wouldn’t it be nice if I could bookmark it not in my web browser but somewhere else on the net ?

There is precisely one such tool which allows you to bookmark the articles which you find interesting but which you would like to read later. It is called “Read it Later“.

Here is how this tool works. Suppose you come across a news article while browsing the net, which you would like to read. You decide to bookmark it somewhere so that you can get to it later. However, instead of bookmarking in your web browser, you bookmark it in the online service – “Read It Later” – with the click of a button.

iPhoneNow you can access the web page anywhere, not just on a computer but in a variety of devices such as cellphones, PDAs, iPhones and so on.  If you are using an iPhone, Read It Later will download offline copies of the web pages you bookmarked so you can still view web pages when you are offline or in airplane mode.

Read it later provides add-ons for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and iPhones too.

Here is a nice video which explains how you can use read it later on an iPhone.

Check out the service.