Pou – A fun game on Android

When I was young, we used to keep an adoring dog as a pet. He was with us for many years till he died of old age. Unfortunately, after that it was not practical for us to adopt a pet due to living constraints. Recently, I came across a nice game that runs on Android device. It is a virtual pet game called Pou.

Pou is an alien that expects you to take care of it. You have to feed it, bathe it, clean it, play with it, and make it sleep – at regular intervals.

To do all these tasks, you can visit the shop where you pay money to buy food for Pou, and other accessories. On top of the screen are 4 meters that indicate the state of Pou. For example, if Pou starts gettingĀ  hungry, the food meter will gradually turn white and you should know that it is time to feed Pou. And to feed Pou, you have to take him to the kitchen. If you feed your pet too much, it will get fat.

Pou Virtual Pet - Android Game
You should regularly give Pou a bath or it will get dirty.

There are 4 rooms namely, the kitchen, lab, game room, and bedroom. You can switch between these rooms by sliding your finger across the screen or tapping the left and right arrow buttons at the top of the screen.

Play a game with Pou
Help Pou reach higher and collect more coins.

The games available in the ‘game room’ are fabulous and a real time pass. There are 6 games all together, all of them very easy to play. The games being – Food drop, Sky jump, Free fall, Color match, Sad tap, and Pou sounds. The more time you spend playing these games, the happier Pou will be.

All the features of the game are self explanatory. Pou is certainly a well designed virtual pet game and is a real time pass.

You can download the virtual pet game PouĀ  @ Google Play Store.