PCLinuxOS 2009 Review

PCLinuxOS also known as PCLinux Operating System or Pclos  is a Free Linux distribution which is targeted at home users. This Linux distribution was founded in October 2003 by Texstar. Since its initial release, PCLinuxOS  has come a long way. PCLinuxOS is distributed as a LiveCD and can also be installed to a local hard drive.

PCLinuxOS Review

I recently downloaded the latest version of PCLinuxOS namely PCLinuxOS 2009 which is a KDE Linux distribution. These are my experiences in running this Linux distribution.

PCLinuxOS 2009 LiveCD booted flawlessly and in a short while, I was placed in the KDE 3.5.10 Desktop.  PCLinuxOS bundles with it by default most applications needed by any computer user. It contains a word processor (Abiword), a web browser (Firefox 3.0.11),  Graphics editors (GIMP), Music players (Amarok), Video players (MPlayer), Chat clients (XChat), Games, and much more. If you need any other software not included in the default installation, you can install it using Synaptic or apt-get from the PCLinuxOS repository.

PCLinuxOS Desktop
PCLinuxOS Desktop featuring KDE 3.5.10

PCLinuxOS 2009 has Flash Player 10 and Sun Java 6 Runtime installed by default and you need not install it separately like in many other Linux distributions.

More over, all the music and video files play out of the box which makes this Linux distribution ideal for home users and lay persons alike.

All my machine’s hardware was detected out of the box by PCLinuxOS. Installing PCLinuxOS is a snap from the LiveCD as it comes with a cute user-friendly graphical installer.

One of the highlights of PCLinuxOS is its Control Center which allows a user to easily configure  and fine tune his system. All the options are well categorized and neatly laid out. The Control Center allows you to configure sharing of your computer, manage your hardware, configure graphics, network devices, system services; configure Windows, NFS and WebDAV shares; set up a personal firewall, configure boot parameters and more.


Targeted at – Home users, Friends and family, Laymen, Desktop users, Laptop users.

Official Website :  Pclinuxos.com

Hardware Database : Pcloshwdb.com

Twitter account : http://twitter.com/iluvpclinuxos

Identi.ca account – http://identi.ca/pclinuxos/all

PCLinuxOS ISO available types : 7

They are PCLinuxOS KDE Desktop, GNOME Desktop, KDE MiniME Desktop, GNOME ZenMini Desktop, LXDE Desktop, XFCE Desktop, and E-17 Desktop (Still in development).

PCLinuxOS Magazine : pclosmag.com

Package Management used : Synaptic and command line apt-get.

PCLinuxOS Installation Walkthrough

The following video shows how to install PCLinuxOS on your machine once you have booted into the LiveCD KDE Desktop. It also provides a glimpse of the slick KDE interface in PCLinuxOS as well as the Control Center. Enjoy!