Osmo – A Free Personal Information Manager For Linux

Osmo is a free personal information manager (PIM) for Linux. It consists of a Calendar, Tasks manager, an Address book, and Notes – all integrated in a compact interface. Osmo provides all these functions in different panes/tabs. And your data is stored in a plain XML database.

Osmo Free Personal Information Manager
Osmo Free Personal Information Manager

The Tasks pane allows you to jot down the things you need to do. Your tasks can be put into different categories.

Contacts pane lets you store the addresses of all the people in your lives. It sports additional features like a birthday browser, good search function, and capability to point out the address location on Google Maps.

The Notes pane doesn’t have any advanced features as those found in traditional note taking software. However, it does provide basic rich text editing functions such as bold, italic, highlight and so on.

Optionally, you can also encrypt all your notes using a password.

The Calendar pane provides just that – a nice functional calendar. It also sports some bells and wistles in the form of a full year calendar, a date calculator, and a day note panel.

Osmo PIM Preferences dialog
Preferences window provides options to fine tune Osmo to your tastes.

Installing Osmo is easy. If you are using Fedora 15, you can install Osmo from the command line as follows :

$ su -c 'yum install osmo'

In Ubuntu, Debian, or related Linux distributions you can install Osmo using the apt-get command or from Synaptic package manager.

$ sudo apt-get install osmo

I do like Osmo for its low memory footprint, cute compact interface, and versatility as a PIM. Unfortunately, it is available only for Linux and not on Windows,or Mac OS X.

Visit Osmo project page to learn more about this nice little personal information manager.