Master these handy Gmail Tips to be more productive

Gmail has seen numerous improvements and value additions since it’s inception. Google has been continuously adding new features and integrating many of it’s other services with Gmail. To the extent that Gmail in it’s present form is much more than a mere email service. From within Gmail, you can talk face to face with video chat, use Google Calendar and Docs, sign out remotely and much more. Google has been adding so many exciting features into Gmail that even a luddite will be impressed.

But keeping track of these new features can be a chore in the long run. Which is why Google has put together a guide which list all the different things one can do with Gmail.

So head over to the Official Gmail Tips page and become a Gmail Ninja. You can also download all the tips as a handy PDF document. If you want more, you can even order a laminated version of the Gmail tips guide for a mere $1.25 at

[Source : Gmail Blog]