Master Basic Electronics

A few weeks back, our Induction cooker (cook top) stopped working for some unknown reason. Unfortunately, this Induction cooker I bought at a consumer exhibition was imported from South Korea and was not a branded product. So I couldn’t get any after sales service from its manufacturers.

However, we used the Induction cooker for over 5 years without any problems. I can vouch that Made in Korea products are top quality products. Even my Samsung cell phone (SGH-J210) which is Korean make, still works without any problem even though it has fallen on the hard floor umpteen times. Nowadays, Samsung manufactures its cell phones in China.

Out of curiosity, I opened up the Induction cooker to take a peek inside. What I found was a fan, a copper coil, a PCB with LCD display for controlling the Induction cooker, the heat sink, and the master control board.

As I had little knowledge in Electronics, I was at a loss in figuring out what was wrong with our Induction cooker and I had to rely on a local electronics repair shop.

Incidentally, you don’t need an Electronics engineering degree to repair Electronics components. It just takes mastering a few technical skills and some knowledge about current, voltage, and resistence.

For example, watch the following YouTube video that teaches you how to use a Multimeter to detect the voltage, current, resistence, and continuity of electronics components in a circuit.

Sounds simple isn’t it?

If the above video has aroused your curiosity in Electronics, then visit Best Electronics Tutorials which has a fabulous collection of YouTube videos on this subject.