JStock for Android

Some time back, I had written about a wonderful stock tracking software called JStock which allows you to manage your investments in company stocks. This software written in Java runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

JStock has now been released as an Android app as well. If you own an Android device, you can download JStock App from Google Play store and update and keep track of your portfolio while on the move.

What is more, all your data gets synced with your Google account (Google drive) which means you can update the data in JStock app on your Android device and the changes get automatically synced with the JStock software on your PC.

JStock App running on  Android
JStock App running on Android

JStock on Android has been released as a Freemium which means most of the features of JStock app are free to use but you may have to pay some money for the premium features which includes removal of Ads, displaying your foreign portfolio in your local currency, and more.

What I like about JStock is its excellent charting support. JStock pulls pricing details of stocks as back as 10 years and displays the price movements in the form of candlestick/line charts. This allows you to take an informed decision about buying stocks and selling the stocks in your portfolio. While there are a plethora of stock tracking software out there, none provides features offered by JStock at this unbeatable price (Free).

One thing that differentiates JStock software on the desktop with the JStock app on Android is the former is open source while the latter is closed source. That being said, both are free to download and use.

If you dabble in stocks, and you own an Android device, then do download the JStock App from Google Play store and give it a spin. This stock tracking app might fill your needs.