JStock – A Free Stock Tracking Software

A few months back, I attended a seminar on share trading and investing. Since then I have – in a small way, started investing in a few stocks. I came across numerous websites providing free portfolio management services. But I was on the lookout for a desktop solution – to track my stock investment.

My quest for a desktop software lead me to JStock.

JStock is a Java based free software which helps you in stock market trading by tracking your stock investments. It provides a well organized stock market information, to help you decide your best investment strategy. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Features of JStock

The following are the main features of JStock.

  • Support for 25 world stock markets. JStock imports market data from Yahoo Finance.
  • Create multiple Watchlists. The watchlist shows the current stock info like the previous close price of the stock, current market price, intraday high & low prices, volumes traded and so on.
  • Create more than one Portfolio. Portfolio management is one of the chief strengths of JStock. It is very easy to add and delete stocks from JStock as you buy and sell them in the market. You can even add the dividend payout you recieve from companies. JStock also calculates your current net worth, recording your buys and sells.
  • Alerts – JStock notifies you through free SMS, Email, System tray,and by playing a sound, when a particular stock reaches its selling point or buying point. You will also be informed if any stock hits your custom developed indicator.
  • Cloud Storage – Store and retrieve all your stock related data from your Gmail account.
  • Charting – You can visually interpret your investment through price-volume charts, portfolio summary, Investment flow summary and so on.
  • Chat support – All JStock software users can communicate with each other via Market Chit Chat.

JStock User Interface

The JStock user interface is clearly demarcated into 5 sections (or tabs) namely – Stock Watchlist, Stock Indicator Editor, Stock Indicator Scanner, Portfolio Management, and Market Chit Chat.

JStock - Stock Tracking Software
JStock Main Interface showing the Watchlist

In the screen shot of JStock software above, observe the previous, last, high, and low share market prices. It also lists the volume of shares traded in the current day.

“Stock Indicator Editor” allows you to create formulas for various technical indicators such as MACD up & down signal, Simple Mean Average, Exponential Mean Average and so on.

Once you have created a formula for any technical indicator, you can use the “Stock Indicator Scanner” to get a visual result for the stocks you are tracking. JStock allows you to scan the entire stock market, only the stocks in your portfolio, stocks based on a specific industry, or stocks in your watchlist.

Knowing the history of any stock is another cool feature of JStock software. Knowing a stock’s historical run up will help you to gauge the trends in that particular stock. For this, select and right-click on any stock name in the watchlist or portfolio manager and from the pop up menu, click on History… This will pull up a nice graph showing the price-volume chart showing the stock price history.

Stock price history
Price - Volume Candlebar Chart of Infosys

JStock options window (JStock Menu Options > Options…) allows you to fine tune various aspects and parameters. For instance, you can let JStock automatically calculate the broker fees and transaction taxes you have to pay when you buy and sell shares. This means less work for you.

JStock Options Window
JStock Options Window

I use JStock to track my stock investments, and till now it has everything that I have wanted as an investor. Amazingly, it comes at an unbeatable price – Free.