How to start learning Python language

Python is a dynamic object-oriented programming language which can be learned in a few days time. It offers strong support for integration with other languages and tools and comes with extensive standard libraries. The Python compiler and libraries are installed by default in most Linux distributions. So an aspiring Python programmer need not install anything on his machine but just need to have a desire and motivation to learn Python.

Python being a free language, has given rise to numerous online resources in the form of tutorials and books which hand hold a beginner in learning this powerful language. Some of the resources I have encountered on the net are listed below:

  1. How to think like a computer scientist – covers everything from the basics on up. Good place to start if you don’t know several languages already.
  2. Web programming in Python – This page contain a collection of diverse links to resources which get you up and running in programming for the web using Python.
  3. Learning to Program – An introduction to programming for those who have never programmed before, by Alan Gauld. It introduces several programming languages but has a strong emphasis on Python.
  4. One Day of IDLE Toying A very gentle introduction to the IDLE development environment that comes with Python. This tutorial by Danny Yoo has been translated into nine different languages.
  5. Instant Hacking – A minimal crash course by Magnus Lie Hetland that’s an excellent starting point. This is a short introduction to the art of programming, with examples written in the programming language Python.
  6. Intro to programming with Python and Tkinter – Here you can access a set of freeĀ  Python video lectures also available as a course.
  7. Non-Programmers’ Tutorial For Python – is a tutorial designed to be an introduction to the Python programming language. This guide is for someone with no programming experience.