How To Master Your Emotions

As human beings, we are all affected by emotions. I am sure every one of us have had to face emotions like anger, hurt, guilt, regret, sadness, dejection and so on. Many times, we are overwhelmed by these emotions thus making us less useful to us and people around us. Learning to master these emotions will help us to gain more control of the situations we face and thus sustain balance in our lives.

Here I will explain a technique which helps me in mastering my emotions.

How To Master Your Emotions

The first thing you have to understand in the mastery of your emotions is that each of your emotions are Action Signals that your mind sends to you. So these perceived negative emotions should not be suppressed, rather, you should realize the real message they send out and take proper corrective action.

Step 1. Identify Your Action Signals

These action signals can be classified broadly into 10 types namely :

  1. Discomfort
  2. Emotional pain / Hurt
  3. Anger
  4. Disappointment
  5. Inadequacy
  6. Frustration
  7. Fear
  8. Overwhelmed
  9. Guilt / Regret
  10. Loneliness

When you experience one or more of these action signals, you should realize that they are sending you a specific message. To gain control of your emotions, you have to listen to these messages and take proper action.

For example, if you feel extremely angry towards something or someone, the message this action signal sends is – One of your important rule or standard has been violated.

If you are beset with Fear , it is a clear signal that you should prepare yourselves to avoid the negativeĀ  consequences.

Once you have identified the action signals you are experiencing, you move to the next step. That being …

Step 2. Change Your Perception or Procedure
Now that you have identified your action signals, you should either change your perception (style of thinking / your feelings) or change your procedure (behavioral pattern). Doing this will help you to control your emotions better.

Mind Map Depicting How To Gain Mastery of Emotions

The following is a mind map I have created, which explains how you canĀ  gain control of your emotions and thus lead wholesome lives.

Mind Map to Control your emotions
Gain mastery of your emotions