How To Fix A Bicycle Flat Tire Without A Patch Kit

While cycling on the road, lets say you get a bicycle puncture (flat tire). Unfortunately, you did not carry a patch kit with you. So how do you fix the bicycle tire ?

One of the rules of bicycle maintenance is to be prepared for such eventualities so that if and when they occur, you will have a ready solution in hand.

Bike (bicycle) tire tubes are prone to getting punctures especially if you ride a mountain bike off road.

So what do you do if you puncture your bicycle tire and you do not have a patch kit with you ? How do you escape being stranded on the road/off road with a punctured tire ? How do you patch a tire without using a patch kit ?

The good news is there is a easy solution at hand. Watch the following video to know how to patch a tire when you don’t have a patch kit with you.

Of course, this video doesn’t apply to the lucky few people who have put a tire sealant inside their bicycle tubes. For the majority of bicycle riders out there, this video is godsend.