How to convert jpg images to cbr – comic book file format

A .cbr file is a file which contain a group of JPEG images compressed into a tar, rar or zip archive. So if you have a collection of images which you want to convert into a cbr format so as to convinently view in a sequential manner using a comic book reader, then do the following :

  1. Collect all the jpg files and put them in a directory.
  2. Archive the directory to a zip file using any compression software of your choice. Linux has multiple ways in which you can create a compressed archive.
  3. Lastly, change the extension of the compressed archive you just created to .cbr so that it can be viewed in a comic book reader of your choice.


If you want to convert a cbr file to cbz, all you do is rename the extension to cbz. For example, if you have a comic book in the CBR form – batman.cbr, You can convert it to a CBZ by just renaming it to batman.cbz.