GTD-Free – A Free Getting Things Done Software

GTD-Free is a free software which helps you efficiently manage your tasks by adhering to the GTD (Getting Things Done) way of doing things.

The GTD model explained

David Allen is credited with the creation of GTD model of accomplishing work. The objective pursued by the GTD model is not just to organize your work, but also to help you free your mind of thoughts and concerns, and bring some control into your life.

The GTD model consists of 4 distinct steps namely –

  1. Collect – In this step, jot down any actionable thought that comes in your mind.
  2. Process – Processing involves grouping all your collectibles into appropriate actions (aka Categories / Lists) and classifying them into clear-cut projects (aka tags). Here you can also provide a due date and a priority.
  3. Organize/ Review – This step involves rearranging your processes according to their priority. Some processes may need immediate attention where as some others may be less critical. You can also add additional notes related to each process.
  4. Execute – This involves actual implementation of the process.

GTD-Free Interface

GTD-Free interface consists of 4 main tabs namely – Collect, Process, Organize/Review, and Execute. Plus one – the “Overview” tab which contain an actions summary.

GTD-Free User Interface
GTD-Free User Interface

How to manage work flow using GTD-Free

Step One : Collect all your actionable thoughts

Click on the “Collect” tab and …

Collect all actionable tasks - GTD
Collect all actionable tasks

  1. Add a new actionable task.
  2. Press “Enter” key or the “Add” button to add the task to the In-Bucket.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 till you have run out of all the actionable tasks that are there in your mind.

Step Two : Move the Actionable tasks into corresponding lists

Process actionable thoughts - GTD
Process actionable thoughts

For that, click on the “Process” tab in GTD-Free.

  1. For each action in the In-Bucket,
  2. Select an appropriate name in the “Lists” box, and click the “Move to Selected List” button.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 till all the actions are moved to the appropriate list.

Step Three : Fine tune the actions

While still in the “Process” tab in GTD-Free, you can fine tune the actionable tasks as follows.

GTD-Free Process Actions
Fine tune the actions

For each action (see the screen capture above), you can optionally …

  1. Associate a website to the action.
  2. Categorize the action into a unique project.
  3. Set a reminder date.
  4. Prioritize the task.

Note: In the true GTD spirit, if a task takes not more than 2 minutes to accomplish, you can choose to do the task immediately and resolve it then and there by clicking on the “Resolve” button.

Step Four : Organize or Review the tasks

Click on the “Organize/Review” tab. Here you can do more or less the same things you did in “Step Three”.

GTD-Free Organize tasks
GTD-Free Organize or Review tasks
  1. Click on a particular item in the “Lists” pane. All the actions related to this list is displayed in the middle pane.
  2. Each action has got a unique ID associated with it.
  3. You can mark an action to be listed in the “Next action queue”.
  4. You can resolve the action once it is accomplished.
  5. Use the “Tickler” to filter actions based on week’s, month’s, or year’s duration.

Step Five : Execute the actions in the queue

Execute the queued actions - GTD-Free
Execute the queued actions

All actions moved to the “Next action queue” are listed in this pane. You can view and resolve them here.

GTD-Free is developed using Java. So it is a cross platform application and will run on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X or any other OS that supports Java.

You can download GTD-Free from its homepage.