A Tribute To Apple’s Steve Jobs

Apple’s founder and icon Steve Jobs has passed away. He was only 56 years of age. It must seem ironic for a site dedicated to (among other things) mainly Linux to write a tribute to Steve. But the fact is I greatly admire his products even though I don’t own a single one.

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs - RIP

One thing I like about the products from Apple – if you negate their inherent proprietary and controlled nature (akin to a walled garden) , is their  beauty, quality, and usefulness. Apple products are a class apart and have been leading technological innovations in the digital space. Not surprisingly, Apple stock is the most valued technology stock in the American stock market trading at over $400. (See image below)

Apple Stock Price
Rise of Apple stock price

And a large part of why the  Apple brand enjoys so much mind space in its consumers, investors, and others throughout the world is because of the direction provided by Steve to this valued company.

Following are a couple of obituaries to Steve Jobs in major newspapers, publications and on the Apple website itself.