A list of Bicycle books

Here is a list of bicycle books which I have found really useful in my quest in using bicycle as a mode of transport. In fact, one thing I have realised is that it is just not enough if you merely learn to ride bicycles, rather you should also pick up essential skills in bicycle maintenance which will hold you in good stead, especially when you tour. I found the following bicycle books quite feature rich, having beautiful photographs and also relevant information for the modern bicycle rider.

Ultimate Bicycle Book

Ultimate bicycle bookThis is a beautiful book which combines fascinating photographs of the most popular bicycles of today and tomorrow, with invaluable step-by-step information on bicycle maintenance.

Everyone who owns a bike should get this, especially if you’re just starting out. It is really what got me started off and I still refer to it now and then. You see so many riders out there with incorrectly set up bikes. This book will teach you how to set up your bike correctly, and provide you with essential knowledge on cycling.

Autors : Richard Ballantine & Richard Grant
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley (DK Living)
ISBN No: 0-7513-0571-5

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Bike Repair Manual

Bike repair manualThis is a very informative book on bicycle maintenance. It contain step by step details on each and every aspects of maintaining your bike. Right from getting to know your bike to tuning your suspension. Worth a buy.

From mountain bikes and road racers to hybrid and leisure bikes, this practical guide ensures you can keep any bike in peak condition.

This book covers everything from replacing brake blocks to adjusting suspension. This edition is fully revised and updated with maintenance details of the very latest cycling equipment

Clear, jargon-free advice steers you through a complete maintenance programme, step-by-step photography shows you how to clean, maintain and repair your bicycle while easy-to-use “How it Works” section illustrates the mechanical operations.

Ideal for both beginners and dedicated cyclists alike, this is the bible of bicycle repairs.

Author : Chris Sidwells
Publisher : DK Books
ISBN No: 1-4053-0253-4

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Bike to Work

This is a definitive guide for bike commuters. With more and more people falling back on riding a bicycle to work, this book is a time saver as it provides tips and ideas to make your commute to work a lot easier. Burn calories and not gas seems to be the moto of this book.
Author(s): Carlton Reid & Tim Grahl
Buy Online : BikeToWork.com

This bicycle books list will be updated as and when I come across more interesting books on bicycles.